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FaithLink helps individuals who are 60 and older or dealing with a physical disability or chronic illness to maintain their independence. For elderly pet owners, especially those who live alone, pets can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase social interaction and physical activity, reduce depression and decrease the feeling of loneliness. Seeing clients having to give away their pets because they couldnt support them anymore, FaithLink coordinator Melissa Ogden has been thinking of ways to help take care of clients pets. Early this year Angie Harper, Winding Road Kennels marketing director, reached out to Ogden to see if there would be an interest in a partnership. Leading to the Paws to Help program, it will provide the care of both clients and animals. I know of many clients who will benefit from this partnership, said Ogden. FaithLink clients will now be able to use Winding Road Kennels boarding, dog grooming and daycare services treated by professionally trained and certified staff members. Volunteers will take care of walking pets, cleaning up litter boxes, transporting pets to veterinarian offices for check-ups and other small tasks that may help keep animals home with their owners. To go along with donations, Ogden is writing a grant that will help support and fund the program.

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